Olympic Canal of Catalonia

Olympic Canal of Catalonia

The Olympic Canal of Catalonia is a man made canal 1200 metres long, 130 metres wide and 4 metres deep. It was constructed on the mudflats of the delta of the Llobregat river and is surrounded by mediterranean pine trees. Due to the depth it facilitates an interchange of waters in the groundwater table. The sides of the canal are of natural stone  the boat landings are of concrete slabs.


Close to the public slipways are two buildings, a large boatshed at the exit and the control tower for the slipway of arrivals.

The control tower is a building 22.5 metres high distributed on 6 floors, it is a glass faced elliptical structure, containing the office, a bar and a viewing point. To the side there is a covered stand with capacity for 500 people.

The boat shed at the exit line is a rectangular building on two floors,,for the storage of canoes, kayaks and all other water sporting and aquatic equipment.This also houses a bar, gymnasium and the medical centre.

Canal Olímpico de Cataluña
Canal Olímpico de Cataluña

Barcelona Olympic Games

The Olympic canal was created for the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 especially for the canoe races.

In its area of 53 hectares there are recreational places, free sporting destinations for the enjoyment of the general public.. Included there are schools and centres for training and sports competitions for the sports federation.

At a short distance from Barcelona you can enjoy the Olympic canal of Catalunya in Castelldefels , benefit from and learn canoeing, kayaking, padel, windsurfing, wake board and many other sporting activities. Come to Castelldefels and make the most of its huge variety of aquatic sports.

Activities on the Olympic Canal of Catalonia

In the Olympic canal you can learn and practise canoeing, rowing, water skiing, cable skiing, wind surfing padel, kayaking, and wake boarding. Their are dinghies available for rent to enjoy an outing on the canal. There is also a fitness gymnasium, a pitch and putt course an archery area and a summer swimming pool.

Canal Olímpico de Cataluña

Information on the Olympic Canal of Catalonia

Phone 93 636 28 96 – Ext. 1

Email estades.equacat@gencat.cat

Padel Information

Phone 93 636 26 96 – Ext 3, 645 56 96 60

Email padel.equacat@gencat.cat

Pitch and Putt Information

Phone 93 636 28 96 – Ext 4

Email pitchandputt.equacat@gencat.cat

Gymnasium Information

Email gimnas.equacat@gencat.cat

How to get there?

Train Station Castelldefels R2

Bus L95 Bus L95 Castelldefels (Poal)

Barcelona (Playa Catalunya)

Taxi Renfe cercanias station Castelldefels R2

Motorway C-31 Coming from Barcelona exit for Canal Olimpico

Main Road C-32

From both sides exit 46 Castelldefels PMT – UPC


Castelldefels lies 15 kms form Barcelona International airport situated in the Prat de Llobregat. From the airport you can reach the Olympic Canal in the following ways.

Bus L99 form the new terminal T1 in Castelldefels  buses circulate  regularly between T1 and T2.

By Car follow the main road C-31 in the Sitges direction

Train take the train for Castelldefels line C1 in the direction for El Prat de Llobregat, leave the train here change for the C-2 train towards Sitges/Vilanova/ Sant Vicenc de Calders and leave the train at one of the two stops either Castelldefels or Castelldefels Playa, you are the able to get a taxi.