A contrast of colours and clean air, the El Garraf natural park is located in the section south east of the Cordillera Litoral Catalana, between the areas of the Low LLobregat, the high Penedes and E Garraf. It covers 12,820 hectares. The natural park is formed from two distinctive geological rocks one part dolomitic limestone and a small part red stone in the part most southerly of the park.

The park offers infinite options for nature lovers. At the main entrance to the park can be found the centre of environmental activities, Cal Ganxo where they carry out educational studies and there is an environmental observatory.

In the centre of the park is the Plana Novella a small modernistic palace built in 1890 and now converted into the Garraf Buddhist monastery a monastery and Buddhist Temple.


By Car

You can reach Castelldefels following the C-31 main road towards the El Garraf and Sitges coast, on arriving at the roundabout for the coast and access to Port Ginesta take a right turn at the first exit of the roundabout (urb. Rat Penat) which brings you to the El Garraf park

Which is signposted.

There is no public transport within the park area. Nevertheless one can arrive close by with the following transport options.


If you want to reach the park by train this can be done at the RENFE stations form the towns of Castelldefels, Garraf, Sitges and Vilanova and la Geltru. It is important to get off the train at Garraf a small village part of Sitges on the coast. From there to to arrive at La Pleta one must return to the road in the direction to Barcelona until at the side of the mountain you find a milestone at the beginning of the GR – 92 , coastal way.Follow this lane for 3.5 kilometres and you find the park information centre and office.

Phone 902 240 202

Website www.renfe.es


The following bus routes are good for travellers.

  • Cintoi Bus S.L. (Mon Bus) Phone 938 937 511 Route Barcelona- Sitges – Sant Pere de Ribes – Vilanova
  • La Hispana Igualadina S.A. Phone 902 29 29 00 www.igualdina.com  Route Vilafranca Penedes – Olesa de Bonesvalls
  • Mohn S.L. (Baixbus) Phone 902 02 33 93 www.baixbus.cat  Route Barcelona – Gava – Begues – Olesa de Bonesvalls and or Barcelona – Castelldefels.
  • Autocars Plana S.L. Phone 93 814 5848 www.empresaplana.es Route Vilanaova – Sitges San Pere de Ribes . Vilanova – Sant Pere – Olivella and Vilanova – Canyelles – Olerdola – Vilafranca Penedes
  • TCC (Sitges Bus) Phone 93 415 6020 www.sarfa.com  Route 4 Sitges – Castelldefels (from C31 an Garraf village.


The  Palau Novella in the heart of the park was the first Buddhist monastery of Catalonia

The enclosure in the park welcomed the Buddhist community in 1996 and is open to the general public.

At the Garraf Buddhist monastery various cultural activities are undertaken. There is a guided tour of the Palau Novella where visitors can see on one side the architectural characteristics and  eclectic style of the building and on the other side an exhibition of Tibetan art and culture together with the millennial spiritual traditions and Buddhist philosophy.

Also when visiting on offer are a wealth of experiences like relaxation, meditation and contemplation workshops.


The pathways are indicated  often they are circular which lead to different places in the park showing the richness of the heritages of nature and culture.. For some of these there are leaflets available so you can plan and  be your own guide. Ask at the information centre.

A large part of El Garraf it is possible to see the canyons, gorges and channels formed by the breakdown of the rock formations by the wind and water erosion. Some of the canyons are hundreds of metres deep. They form a part the greatly valued  landscape specially protected and because of this it is extremely important to take extra precaution if you wander off the beaten track.


Other Guided Routes

  • To the Fons de la Vallgrassa
  • To La Morella


Natural Park Office and The Information Centre of La Pleta

Opening Times Weekdays and fiesta days 10.00 – 15.00 (except Mondays)

Rat Penat Road to La Plana Novella Kms 3.5, Sitges 08870

Phone 93 597 18 19

Fax 93 597 08 92