Castelldefels Castle

Castelldefels Castle

Opening hours

From Tuesdays to Sundays (Holidays included) from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Last entrance to the castle at 6 p.m.

+ INFO //  Tel. +34 630 91 05 34

castillo de castelldefels

Situation of the Castelldefels Castle

Castelldefels Castle is situated at the top of a 59 metres above sea level hill.

It enjoys an enviable coastal position between the El Garraf  and Barcelona, dominating the southern part of the delta of the Llobregat.

Originally it arose above the  original Iberian village, and was in roman times a large villa and later in the sixteenth century the castle was constructed.

Castelldefels Castle complex

It had 3 different stages of  construction at distinct times.

The church was constructed in the tenth century, rebuilt in the 12th century and fortified in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

The body of the building constructed in 1550 was of red sandstone.

The part built in the eighteenth century was made of white bricks and stone which gives the castle the beige tones we can see in that part of the castle.

castillo de castelldefels

The church

The area now occupied by Castelldefels was in the tenth century the border of lands of the Caliphateof Cordoba.

The first documents with an  account of the Church of Santa Maria were written in 966, before then Count Miro of Barcelona gave the lowlands of the Llobregat delta which had been terrorized by the Arab invaders to form the monastery of Santa Maria.

In approximately 985 AD, Count Borrell 2nd of Barcelona  annnexed the The Monastery of Santa Maria because of a feud with Knight of Eramprunya at the monastery of Sant Cugat.

castillo de castelldefels

Body A, the beginning of the castle

During the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries the political instability and the general social arrangements made the fortifications necessary of the Santa Maria Church which were carried out with the red sandstone. This was for control of the territory and to repel the Arab invasions.

castillo de castelldefels

Body B, the extension of the castle

In 1717 thanks to the economic improvements of the area construction was started on the shrine of health. 

It was also possible to repair the damage of the Berber invasions when the fortifications were amplified. In 1734 the southern part of castle was

started. These works were of white bricks and stone which gave the castle the beige tones.

Abandonment and Restoration

With the disappearance of the pirates and the absence of  the necessity of defence the castle was abandoned and in 1883 it fell into ruin.

In 1897 the banker Manuel Girona enlisted the architect Enric Sagner 

To restore Castelldefels Castle, the castle walls, and tower are from this date. The addition of the Section B doors and the windows in late gothic style were installed.

castillo de castelldefels

Castelldefels City Council buys the castle

In 1988 the townhall of Castelldefels bought the castle promoting the historical and architectural study of the castle. It also started the project of restoration.

The work of the reforms consisted of rebuilding of the parts with the worst damage and the return to the original colourings. White in the Roman parts and blue in the shrine of health. Numerous works were also carried out to reveal the Roman and Iberian sub floors.

2021 Restoration

In 2001 the townhall initiated the start of new reforms two take place in two stages

1st Phase – In the first stage the consolidation, reinforcing and roofs, also the restoring of the institutional wing and creation of a centre of interpretation of the history of the castle and two exhibition halls.

2nd Phase – Reforms of the rest of the building, construction of an open air theatre and a viewing point at the highest of the castle of Castelldefels over time.

castillo de castelldefels

What can you see at Castelldefels Castle ?

Ground floor of the castle

The model hall

In this hall we can see the various models of the transformations the castle has suffered over centuries.

The Santa Maria Church

This is the oldest part of the castle, with three aisles of pillars and a semicircular side of the oratory.


This is an interactive installation showing the piracy and repercussions known to have occurred in Castelldefels. This focusses the public through games, projections and stories which allows you to discover the world of piracy and the defences used against it.

In the different areas children can play games and use interactive elements to immerse themselves in the world of the pirates.

First Floor of the castle

Here we find the institution and fencing hall:

The Institutional or Noble hall is recognised by the grand stone fireplace here banquets were celebrated in the time of Manuel Girona.

The fencing hall has written and painted pieces on the walls

The castle terrace

From the highest point of Castelldefels Castle you can enjoy panoramic views of the city and the Natural Park el Garraf, to the sea and towards Barcelona. To access the view point from the terrace you can go in the lift or up the stairs.

The Gardens

Surrounding the castle you can see wonderful views of the area and enjoy wandering through the magnificent gardens. There is also a cafeteria in the gardens where you can have something to recharge your batteries.

Castillo de Castelldefels

Useful Notes

How to get there

From Barcelona by car it takes only 15 minutes and the castle has a free car parking facility. You can also acces the Castelldefels Castle by train (Rodalies Renfe Castelldefels stop) and by bus.

The viewing area includes an audio commentary, or with a booked reservation a tour guide is available.

There are various discounts available through the Baix Llobregat tourist authority at the Placa del Castell, 1, 08860 Castelldefels.