Castelldefels beach

The Castelldefels Beach is a legnth of 5 kilometres of fine sand situated 18 kms south of the city of Barcelona on the Barcelona coastline between the delta of the river Llobregat  and the solid rocks of the Natural el Garraf park.

There are 500,000 square metres of beach plit between the La Pineda beach, the Lluminetes beach and the Apeadero beach. They make a flagged beach for doing water sports, enjoying children’s activities, swimming in the tranquil mediterranean waters and sunbathing or leisurely passing the time by the seashore.

Leisure at Castelldefels Beach

The beach has beach cafes, a toy library, sunbeds and parasols, sporting areas, windsurfing school and other nautical activities. The beaches are equipped with showers, waste bins, wooden beach walkways on the sand, children,s play areas, lifesaving watchtowers and seats, public conveniences as well as free wifi connection.

A reformed promenade offers a wide variety of leisure and eating establishments, restaurants with panoramic sea views, or enjoy the evening in the wonderful beach front atmosphere andlisten to music on the Castelldefels beach a flagship for leisure and gastronomy on the Barcelona coast.

Enjoy your holidays at the beach.


Since 2006 Castelldefels beach has received numerous awards and accolades for the quality of the beach

Including the following

  • UNE ISO 9001:2015
  • Quality systems  UNE ISO 13009:2016
  • Blue flag for the beaches Lluminetes, La Pineda and Baixador
  • Certificate for sustainable tourism with commitment to the BIOSPHERE
  • Environmentally friendly beaches


Tourist information about the activities and sites of the town, transport, places to stay, restaurants, sports, cultural events and maps in the tourist office.

Daily information about the sea and beach quality with warning flags water temperatures in the life saving stations in the TAV (beach info) and in the internet page of the town.

Reading, book lending and cultural programmes in the library “Carme Romani”.

Bar restaurants, ice cream kiosks, drinks and sunbed and parasol area which are open always between 10.00 – 19.00.

Cleaning services of the beach, toilets and showers regularly.

Help and life saving services at swimming times.

Help for assistance for people with limited mobility.

Continuous security measures.

Mini club supervision for small children.

Emergency Services Phone 092 and 112.

Public transport available throughout the year.

Questionnaires with suggestions of any possible improvements or extra facilities.

Blue and green parking zones along the beach front and access points for people of reduced mobility. Normal parking in calle Mexic.

Information Service.

Megaphones available along the beach incorporated independently.

in the life saving and help areas and lookout towers – TAV.

Regular information in the El Castell leaflet, the town website, beach website, social networks about sea quality and temperature, sport, cultural and leisure activities.

Municipal and metropolitan information on the notice boards at main  access points.

Environmental information of the dunes ecosystems at Calle 11 and an information point at Parque de las Dunas  and another in the Parque del Mar. Two points of the blue flags at the Plaza de las Palmeras and another in Calle 11.

Sporting areas and Children’,s play areas.

Children’s play areas and green areas adjoining the beach.

Places with elements for exercises and improving muscle toneon the promenade between Calle 10 and the Parque de las Dunas.

Beach volleyball areas in Calle Valencia, Calle Timo, Calle Avet, Calle 514, Avenida Banys,Calle 10, Calle 12, Calle 13 and Calle 22.

Foottball courts in Pl.Palmeras, Calle 4, Calle Avet and Calle Mexic.

Korfball court in Calle Ones.

Authorised zone for kite surfing during the summer season.


  • Tourist Information Office
  • Children’s mini club
  • “Carme Romani” library
  • Kite surf Office


  • Limited mobility toilets at the main beach access points. Avenida Republica Argentina, Avenida de los Banos, Calle 11 and Calle 16, Public toilet facilities at main installations and temporary toilets in the summer season.
  • Shower facilities and foot showers at the main beach access points.
  • Drinking water fountains at main beach access points.
  • Wooden sunshades on the beach up to the shore from the beach entrances in Avenida Republica Argentina, Avenida del Banys, Calle 11 and 16 with long walkways en the Calles Ones y Mexic.
  • Indicators for bathing the length of the town seashore.
  • Canals for entering and exiting the sea with recreational boats in Calles Mexic, Avet, Club Nautico, Avenida dels Banys, Calles 11 and 15, Club Maritimo and a specific canal for Kitesurfing in Calle 10.