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A Walk through Garraf Natural Park

Enjoy passing the time in the fresh air following the El Garraf Park trails is an unforgettable experience. Including experiencing the fabulous nature full of unique bird life and discovery the deep history of this special part of the world. A made to measure experience in the pathways where can be seen sites of  ancient ruins and some new spectacular buildings.

Garraf Natural Park

The Garraf natural park is renowned for its deep gorges and chasms formed by the dissolution of the calcareous rock from the continuous battering by the wind and rain.

The park occupies an area of  12,820 hectares situated in the province of Barcelona, bordered by the base of the Penedes and the mediterranean sea and the lower basin of the Llobregat. The mediterranean climate allows us to go hiking or mountain biking in this area of natural countryside all year round.

The landscape features also a variety of caves, gorges and sinkholes naturally created.

The near absence of surface water contrasts dramatically with the vast number of subterranean waterways.


The different trails of the Garraf Natural Park not only allow us to experience the wonderful nature but furthermore the different pathways of Garraf Natural Park have been created to show us the long diverse history of the area

The different pathways can be covered well on foot or cycling they are well signposted  so as not to lose your way ,  furthermore there are information points where are you can obtain simple leaflets.

The vegetation is made up of dense moorlands which reach a height in places of 3 metres of Holm oaks and other shrubs, on top of which there are African palm tree varieties. The scenery of the interior of the park is formed by woods of oaks and pine trees, the valleys are dominated by Holm oaks, wild honeysuckles and boxwood.


In the heart of Garraf Natural Park we find a Buddhist community and its monastery which gives you the opportunity to find out the Tibetan culture and to discover diverse spiritual activities. You can also enjoy their delicious exotic cuisine in a charming original atmosphere.

In the Garraf Natural Park we can also experience the wonderful views of the mediterranean from the Hermitage of La Santisima de Trinidad or explore the castles of Erampunya and Olivella.

In the coastal area we have the ancient watch towers that were used to signal the arrival of pirates. You should not miss out on the chance of visiting one of the farms.