beaches of castelldefels


The first point to notice is the vast extent of the beaches and the dunes behind.  Actually the beaches with dunes remaining are few nowadays with the great majority having concrete defences. Nevertheless Castdelldefels  is different it is known for preserving its natural spaces and limiting the advance of structures of cement.

The authentic luxury of space

There are kilometres of spacious  beaches of fine sand, and within walking distance all the services you might need. There is a Nautical club and a maritime club and different sailing schools where you can practise all aquatic sports.

The extensive area makes it possible to comply with all the security and distance measures which may be in effect for COVID – 19 which is a great advantage.

The three beaches of Castelldefels cover a distance of approximately 5 kilometres long and 40 metres deep, they are found between two clearly defined place the delta of the Llobregat and the dense area of El Garraf.


The 500,000 square metres are split between La Playa del Apeadero or Baixador, La Playa Lluminetes and the Playa de la Pineda that create a perfect place to do water sports and chidrens activities, notwithstanding bathing in the beautiful mediterranean waters, sunbathing and strolling on the seashore.

The beaches are equipped with bars, beach bars, children’s play areas, sun beds, sunshades, beach sport areas,  wooden beach access walkways, toilet facilities, showers, lifeguard towers and  free wi-fi on the beach.

Baixador or El Apeadero Beach

This is the most southerly beach of Castelldefels. It is named for the for the train stop which is found nearby. For this reason it has an influx of people from the metropolitan area.

Lluminetes Beach

This is the central beach of Castelldefels. Noted for its dunes which join it to the northern part of the Apeadero beach

La Pineda Beach

This beach is situated  at the northern end of the town and has very dense dunes where there is a pathway and information point about the flora and fauna. The first kite surfing area regulated by the  Barcelona metropolitan area is found here as well.


It is necessary to maintain a distance of 2 metres which includes towels and personal items.

Shoes must be worn on the walkways and for strolling along the seashore

No groups are permitted of more than 15 people

You can play sports

You can use the foot washers and showers in the outside areas, changing rooms and other public areas these are for one person at a time with the exception of people who need assistance.

The sunbeds and other shared elements must be disinfected after each use

Life saving and rescue services are in effect until the 27th September from 10.00  to 19.00 hours daily


Castelldefels  is equipped with loudspeakers with advanced security operated from the lifeguard towers the whole length of the beaches.

Information is available for beach users of the sea and water quality, sporting and other activities in the El Castell bulletin, the municipal website, the website for the beaches and social networks.

Placards of municipal information situated in principle access points.

Environmental information points.

Ecosystem information point in Calle 11.

Environment information point in the Parque las Dunas and the Parque del Mar.


Play areas for children on the beaches and the green areas.

Points for exercise with equipment on the promenade between Calle 10 and the Parque de las Dunas.

Volleyball courts in Calle Venezuela, Calle Timo, Calle 514, Avenida Banys, Calle 10, Calle 12, Calle 13, and Calle 22.

Football pitches in Placa Palmeres, Calle 4, Calle Avet and  Calle Mexic.

Korfball (SIMILAR TO TO NETBALL) in Calle Ones.

Authorised zone for Kite surfing.


Cleaning services for the beach, showers,access points toilets.

Rescue and lifeguard services.

Help for toilet facilities for people with reduced mobility.

Security assistance.

Mini club for infants.

Emergency services (092 and 112).